The 4 Steps of the Auto Painting Process

Sep 20, 2017 | Uncategorized

Who do you call to fix your vehicle after you’ve been in a wreck? Most of the time, drivers need to talk with two types of repair facilities: an auto body shop and an auto painting service. We’ve told you a little about how the auto body repair process works. But how does auto painting restore your car back to its beautiful color and bright shine? Let the pros at Carolina Collision & Frame Service walk you through the auto painting process:

  1. The painting booth – Your car will be moved to a room that’s completely sealed to allow for the paint to set perfectly without interference from outside contaminants and air temperature changes.
  2. The break down – Affected areas of your car will taken apart. Other parts of your car will be wrapped up completely to protect them from stains. Each piece is then thoroughly painted.
  3. Baking – Once a piece is finished, it’s “baked” or placed in a heated room to dry.
  4. Putting it back together – Finally, it’s time to reassemble your car. Each piece is put back on after it’s through drying. Once this is done and the car is deemed completely dry by our team, any remaining wrapping is removed. Your car is just like new!

The good news is that you can get every auto body and auto painting service you need all in one place. At Carolina Collision & Frame Service, we offer paintingauto body repaircollision repair, and more at our Rock Hill car body shop. Get a free estimate today!