Stay Safe With These Winter Driving Tips

Dec 29, 2018 | Uncategorized

Winter can provide some lovely roadside scenery. But that beauty can also create a hazardous time for drivers. As your local provider of auto body repair, Carolina Collision & Frame Service would like to help you avoid driving on thin ice – both literally and figuratively. Here are some winter driving safety tips that can keep you safer while you’ll on the road:

  1. Know your car’s capabilities – Be aware of your car’s capabilities before heading out on a snowy or icy drive. If your car isn’t well-suited for this type of weather, it’s best to stay at home. In most cases, a four-wheel-drive or all-wheel-drive vehicle will perform better in winter weather.
  2. Inspect your car – It’s important to check up on your car’s current condition before hitting wintry roads. Take a look at your tires’ tread, fix any auto damage, and study up on your car’s stability features.
  3. Prepare before you leave – Next, make sure to pack your car with emergency supplies, like blankets and a first-aid kit. You never know what could happen when you venture out in the snow and ice.
  4. Keep your distance – Try to keep a good distance between yourself and any cars in front of you. Should something happen to the front car, you will have enough time to safely stop.
  5. Start off slowly – Finally, don’t spin your tires as you leave from a stop. This will cause your car to lose traction and can make you spin out of control.

Should you need auto body repair during the winter or any time, call Carolina Collision & Frame Service for help.