How Is Frame Damage Fixed?

Dec 21, 2017 | Uncategorized

After an accident, you’re probably most concerned about the surface-level damage. However, impact of the collision could have affected the frame. If it’s determined that you have frame damage, how does the repair process work? The staff at Carolina Collision & Frame Service wants to walk you through how we will repair your car’s frame damage repair:

  1. Inspection – Before repairs can begin for any type of car damage, a collision repair service must thoroughly inspect every part of your car. It starts with the body of your vehicle. At this stage, they will check for and record all visible damages.
  2. Disassembly – Next, our crew will disassemble your vehicle. They’ll check out the frame of your car, document any damage, and give you an estimate of the repair cost.
  3. Electronic analysis – If we determine that there is frame damage, we’ll need to take the measurements of your vehicle. This process is necessary in order to get your car back to factory specs.
  4. Frame straightening process – Using our commercial-grade machinery, our collision repair experts will begin to restore the frame. Our machines will push and pull on the metal in an effort to straighten the frame back to its original shape.
  5. Second inspection – Our crew will then run one final inspection to ensure that your frame has been fully restored to like-new condition. Your car will be reassembled and and then will be ready for you to pick it up.

It’s essential that you work with an experienced frame damage repair service like Carolina Collision & Frame Service. We guarantee the very best collision repair in Rock Hill, SC. Get a free estimate today!