6 Driving Safety Tips for Icy Roads

Jan 8, 2018 | Uncategorized

Winter is a dangerous time to be on the roads due to black ice. In fact, the rate of car frame damage tends to increase around this time of year. As your local auto body shop in Rock Hill, Carolina Collision & Frame Service wants to help you avoid a crash. Check out these safety tips for driving on icy roads:

  1. Always wear seat belts – The number one rule of car safety is to wear a seat belt. Before you turn on the car, make sure all passengers are buckled up.
  2. Check weather reports – Check the weather forecast before you hit the road. This way you can stay ahead of the weather and avoid dangerous driving conditions.
  3. Avoid icy roads – While a road may look clear, don’t get overconfident. Black ice can be almost invisible to the eye. Instead, stick to roads that you know have been cleared by highway crews.
  4. Drive slowly – By driving slowly, you’ll have more control if your car should start to slide. Leave early so you can still make it to events or work on time.
  5. Be careful with braking – Don’t brake sharply in icy conditions. This can cause you to lose control.
  6. Watch out for overcorrecting – Many cases of frame damage occur when drivers overcorrect, then crash. When you feel your vehicle start to slide, turn into the skid. This will help you regain control of the car.

Have you been in an accident due to icy roads? Carolina Collision & Frame Service will thoroughly inspect your vehicle for any frame damage. Visit our auto body shop in Rock Hill, SC for a free estimate today!