What Is the Auto Body Repair Process?

Sep 6, 2017 | Uncategorized

Have you ever wondered about what happens in Rock Hill auto body shops when they repair your vehicle? What does the entire process entail? Carolina Collision & Frame Service wants you to be knowledgeable about the repair process we use in our body shop in Rock Hill, SC. Here’s a guide to help you feel comfortable the next time you take your car in for dent repair or other collision-related services:

  • Teardown – The first step is a teardown of the entire vehicle. This part of the process allows the technicians to check and document all seen and unseen damages to the car. Once you and your insurance agent give approval for repairs to begin, the body shop will order the necessary parts for your vehicle.
  • Structure and repair  – Depending on the severity of damage, the car might have to be dissembled in order for the repair work to take place. Your car will then be restored back to factory specifications. This is one way to guarantee that your car’s frame will be straight and its structure secure. The next step, should your car need it, will be suspension repairs and wheel alignment.
  • Refinishing – Now it’s time for the finishing touches, like the painting of your car. Your vehicle will be primed for a smooth finish of high quality automotive paint.
  • Reassembly – The final step is to reassemble the car so you can come by and check it out. Once you’ve determined that it’s up to your standards, it’s time to take it home!

Do you need your car repaired after an accident? Don’t trust just any of the Rock Hill auto body shops. Call Carolina Collision & Frame Service for auto body repair and collision repair.Our team is experienced and will get the job done right. Get a free estimate today!