What Goes Into an Auto Body Repair Estimate?

Feb 28, 2018 | Uncategorized

Reputable auto body shops are as thorough with their estimate calculations as they are with their repairs and inspection work. But how exactly does a body shop figure out what your repair estimate should be? As a shop offering auto body repair near you, Carolina Collision & Frame wants to give you some insight into the process. Here are three types of charges that factor into an auto body repair estimate.

  • Material and product costs – After the technicians finish inspecting your car and making note of the damages, they will begin another list. They’ll mark down the materials, products, and parts needed to completely fix the vehicle. These materials and products make up a large part of the final estimate.
  • Labor costs – Our technicians will also take into account the amount of labor and time needed for the repair work. Labor costs most often depend on the extent of damage done to the vehicle. You want to choose a body shop that balances quality repairs with efficient work.
  • Other charges – Extra charges might need to be added in for various reasons, such as extra touch-ups for your vehicle.

When you need an auto body shop that delivers clear, accurate repair estimates, call Carolina Collision & Frame. Rely on us for quality auto body repair near you in Rock Hill, SC.