How Does an Auto Body Shop Inspect Your Car?

Dec 7, 2017 | Uncategorized

Damages after a wreck can sometimes be easily seen. However, sometimes they’re practically hidden. A professional company offering auto body and paintless dent repair in Rock Hill, SC will conduct a thorough inspection to make sure all the problems are identified. But how exactly does this process work? Let the pros at Carolina Collision & Frame Service walk you through how we assess damaged cars:

  1. Preparation – Our auto body repair crew will record how your car looks when you bring it in for inspection. They’ll take photos or videos of the car in its current condition.
  2. Inspection – Technicians will thoroughly examine your entire car. They’ll look at every component and inspect it for damages.
  3. Disassembly – Next, the repair team will dissemble your car to remove the damaged parts. They’ll also use this time to search for any hidden damage.
  4. Store undamaged parts – Crews will place undamaged parts in a safe storage area. This action guarantees that these parts will remain safe when the final repairs begin.
  5. Reporting – Finally, the auto body shop will write up a report on the damages. They’ll give you advice on the best, most economical way to repair your vehicle.

Always look for professional auto body and dent repair in Rock Hill, SC after an accident. Carolina Collision & Frame Service offers full auto body and paintless dent removal in Rock Hill, SC. Get a free estimate today!